9 thoughts on “And one more update

  1. I did not know where else to write you this message. Thanks for what is potentially one of the best MegaMan games I have ever played. I was extremely touched by your message at the credits. I lost my father last year too so it probably hit hard as well for that reason. You can be proud of your work and it is officially the first (and most likely ever) MM game to make me tear up at the end. Cheers and Happy Holidays!


  2. This game rules. Found a minor bug in the intro sequence though (yes, the actual cutscene): if the game starts up in fullscreen mode, the first time the intro plays, the music skips ahead slightly, shortly before Fire Man comes into view, resulting in the kickass transition into the title screen being misaligned with the music (which is super disappointing because it’s so damn rad when it works properly!). This only happens the FIRST time the intro plays; if you let the title screen idle and loop back to playing the intro again, the problem doesn’t reappear. Also doesn’t happen when the game launches in windowed mode.


  3. Somehow the controller mapping does not work. That is, regarding the four directions. They work in the config menu when choosing different options there, however, they neither work in the intro stage nor when I try to remap them (when I try everything gets recognized BUT the d-pad/analog stick).

    Playing version 1.1.1, the zip file is called “megaman_rocknroll_1_11-3”. I use Windows 10 Home, Version 1903, Build 18362.592 (whatever that means).


    • Some non-standard Controllers treat their D-Pads as sticks. You can’t map these because they are technically not buttons. But I included the option to use the Stick for directions (it’s in the controller setup). Please activate that option and try if it works (it will unmap the directions – that’s intended because the stick gets assigned to them).


      • First of all, aside from the gameplay I also like the storytelling. Finally someone who actually grasped this unspoken genre convention of having as less dialogue as poosible in a game like this. Ironically Capcom itself is one of the worst contenders nowadays, if you look e.g. at DuckTales Remastered. Also the shortened intro sequences for Robot Masters when re-entering the room… Super awesome!

        You might want to remove the two ice blocks in Reactor Man’s stage after Dagger Man is beaten as they look really ugly. Unless it’s not possible for some programming reason because otherwise you’d just done it, eh?

        And, well, my birthday is coming very soon, that is, in November, so I’m looking for an event manager to organize my party. Can you give me her number? she can trap my soul as much and as often as she wants!


  4. Dennis,

    This is an amazing work. When a read that this game you created was the best fan made Megaman I admit I didn’t believe, but, fortunately they were absolutely right.

    You made me remember my childhood in an new Megaman adventure.

    Congratulations for this wonderful game.


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