Mega Man: Rock N Roll, v1.1

Hi everybody. Version 1.1 of Mega Man: Rock N Roll is available now. Your savegames will carry over automatically without the need to do anything on your part. Just unzip the new version and boot it up. Control and Display settings should also carry over.


  • The game was optimized to perform better on older systems. I hope that
    players who encountered that issue will experience less lag when playing the game now.
  • Vsync can now be toggled in the main menu.
  • There was an issue where the game could crash if the player was playing
    as Roll and defeated Drake-Man right before a cutscene. This should be fixed.
  • Mega Man’s buster was changed to charge slightly faster.
    I hope he get’s some more love in playthroughs now ;P
  • Watching playthroughs, I noticed a lot of people never figured out that
    a enemy that was pushed with the soul-trap could be aimed. This especially
    caused frustration on a certain castle-boss. To account for this, the way
    an enemy is thrown has been changed. Instead of using the direction-buttons,
    an enemy will now fly in the opposite direction of where you make contact
    with him (e.g. touch him in the lower left corner to push him upwards and right)
  • Several minor issues have been fixed that I won’t list in detail, mostly because
    I forgot to take notes. Thanks for reporting these.

2 thoughts on “Mega Man: Rock N Roll, v1.1

  1. Frankly, I think any kind of buff to Rock that makes him better at the combat side is missing the point – failing a shooting puzzle tends to knock off a quarter to a sixth of your health, but failing a jumping puzzle tends to just kill you immediately. The fact that combat can involve jumping is basically just insult to injury.

    A probably-fairly-easy thing I’d like is a way to swap between Rock and Roll at will, like in the MMX Gameboy entries. Another thing is to give Roll at least a minimal charge shot – charge shots are one of my favorite platforming innovations; they let you be prepping for combat while you’re exploring/dodging/whatever. It’s a fun layer of tactical depth.


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