Hi there. I’m Dennis and I make videogames. Well, right now I made one, and it’s probably the reason you are here – so go and get Megaman: ‘Rock N Roll’

20 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dude this awesome! It holds up to the classics, Capcom should take note and hire this man and pay him! this should be like how Sonic Mania came out a pet project and Sega got involved with, Capcom should do the same here! release this on everything!


  2. Very impressed by this game, love every minute of it so far! Definietly one of the best fan made games so far!


  3. It looks and feels just like classic Mega Man. I love being able to team up with Roll and the music is worthy of a Mega Man game. I’m extremely impressed. I am an indie game dev myself and this project is such an inspiration to me. I love seeing awesome stuff like this coming out of the indie scene. Please keep up the awesome work!


  4. This seems absolutely awesome! I have seen very little about the game so far, so I’m going in mostly blind. Hope this will be excellent enough to rival some of the bests, like MM9, 4, or Unlimited! Thank you for this, your effort should totally be appreciated more~


  5. can easily become in the top 5 fan-games…
    i just finished this game and i loved it so much, i cannot believe i only found it by coincidence…


  6. That game is nothing short of impressive! I liked the game until the very end and smiled the whole way!

    Thanks for making this game! ^^


  7. Game was working just fine for me for a while, now it’s just a black screen on start up with the audio in the background. Any idea what might have happened?


    • The readme has the path where the game settings are stored. Go there and delete the display.cfg. After that, don’t use color settings, I suspect your PC has an issue with these.


  8. Really excellent job! This game really feels inevitable, like it’s an extension of the existing games, which is a very impressive feat. If this game had come out instead of one of the later NES games, I think people would have been very excited and might remember the series differently. It’s the Castlevania 3 that Megaman should have had. I’m very excited to keep playing. Thank you!


  9. Just a heads up, this game has frame dips when playing at 4k resolution. I have a Ryzen 7 1800X and an Nvidia 2080, so I’d have to assume my PC meets any system requirements needed to run this game at 60 FPS.

    Aside from that. Pretty good game so far… but the water stage had me raging so flipping hard though! (I’ve played fire, ice, and water so far)


  10. Hello Dennis. Greetings from Russia. The game looks pretty good, we were enjoying playing it (though it was really frustrating in some locations, but this is a different story). Nevertheless, we have experienced some issues with the game, can i report them somehow?


  11. This is a Google translation. sorry.

    I am a Japanese born in 1985.
    Your game is the most interesting of the many fun games I’ve played.
    The production and the idea are the best.
    A megaman that is much newer than 11.haha
    I’m really looking forward to playing your original game someday.


    But that met was too strong to challenge for the first time.haha


  12. This game is amazing! I’ve been playing Mega Man games for 30 years and this is among the best ever. Exceptional work by everyone! Been playing it a few weeks and still can’t put it down.


  13. I think this game is a fantastic addition to the Megaman legacy. I was wondering if there was any way we could make a donation in support of the effort required to bring this gem to the players.


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