Mega Man: Rock N Roll v1.2

Hi everybody. Version 1.2 of Mega Man: Rock N Roll is available now, fixing some bugs that have been reported.

Also, a Linux version of the game is available now.

( Arch or Manjaro Users can use the AUR package: )

As before, your savegames will carry over automatically without the need to do anything on your part. Just unzip the new version and boot it up. Control and Display settings should also carry over.

  • Fixed an screen in Endgame:Robot-Factory where Met’s could get stuck on the conveyor belt.
  • Fixed an issue where the ice-blocks in Reactor Man’s stage could appear inside a wall.
  • The refight stage could potentially have problems with resetting properly after a double-KO. This is hopefully fixed.
  • An issue about Mega Man’s second castle stage has been reported where Fireman would run away without clearing the path for you. I have not been able to reproduce that situation on my end, so I had to try and implement a failsafe without being able to check it. Please let me know if this solved the problem.
  • On the fight with the Machine (phase 1), the flying enemies that are spawned were never meant to be trapped with Ghost’s weapon (and therefore produced the wrong sprite when they were).
  • In some cases, a boss-door on ice-physics would not open until you jumped around to realign yourself with the floor. This should not happen anymore.
  • The Teleporters in Dagger Man’s section could potentially teleport you on the same frame you touched spikes, causing you to explode after the teleportation. This is fixed (in the players favor – teleporting will take priority over spikes).

12 thoughts on “Mega Man: Rock N Roll v1.2

  1. I just tried loading the game, which I’ve had for almost a month, and got a black screen. The audio still worked fine, but nothing showed up.


    • Probably corrupted graphics settings. The readme.txt tells you the path where the game stores the save and config files. Go there, delete the display.cfg and try starting the game again.


  2. A while back I thought “hey, I wonder if anyone has made a game where you can play as Roll?” I just expected something small… maybe a level or something, or even just a sprite replacement of one of the other games. I didn’t expect a full game – and definitely not one as good as this one!

    I really, really loved this! It’s amazingly designed, challenging without being frustrating, and really charming! All the Robot Masters are creative and interesting. Rock and Roll both play in different ways that really change the gameplay, too. Falling off a platform and then double-jumping back before you die feels really great… but so does blasting those damn spiders with a charged shot and not even worrying about their babies!

    Is it heresy to say that this is my favorite Mega Man game? Because it is.


  3. Hi! The game seems awesome but I want to play it with a joypad and can’t seem to make my D-pad work at all during the gameplay. It works perfectly fine in the options menu but also can’t be defined at all in the buttons definition menu. Other buttons work normally and can be defined. The gamepad I’m using is Logitech Precision (kinda old, I know, but I’ve had no problems with other games) and my system is Windows 10.


  4. Hey! Just wanted to echo the sentiments that this game is awesome. This is absolutely the way Roll should become a PC, and I hope Capcom steals it from you lol (or better yet hires you!). The game’s a bit too hard for me, but I still really appreciate the quality; it looks and feels more like Mega Man than any other fan game out there. I particularly love the intro stage – it’s just a masterpiece of storytelling without dialogue. I do wish we’d gotten some text for the ending, but it works well as is too.

    Many thanks for this incredible game, and if there’s a sequel I’ll be first in line! I’ll even help playtest the thing if you need it 😉


  5. I am having a ridiculously hard time getting the controls to work for this game. For whatever reason up will go right, down will go left, etc. And yes, I tried configurating the controls in the settings & it seems that the buttons keep getting mixed up. If anybody can help me with this issue, I’d greatly appreciate it. But am I missing something here? Is there some sort of particular type of controller I should be using for this game? The one I’m using is an SS/N64/PS2 Controller Adapter For PC USB (I’m using a PS2 controller).


    • The game works with all standard Xinput controllers (the most common ones being XBox-controllers for PC). Other controllers are known to work as well, but obviously the engine can only be downwards-compatible within reason and the PS came out 22 years ago.

      But if it works and only messes up directions, it could work if you rebind – if it stays weird in the main menu, that says nothing: Buttons in the main menu stay unaffected because otherwise you could make the game unusable by unbinding your d-pad or things like that. So try rebinding your keys and start the game (for the main menu, just use the keyboard) – see if the directions work correctly in the actual game.


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