Mega Man: Rock N Roll v1.3

Happy new year everybody.
Version 1.3 of Mega Man: Rock N Roll is out. Get it here:

( The AUR package will be updated in the next few days)

As before, your savegames will carry over automatically without the need to do anything on your part. Just unzip the new version and boot it up. Control and Display settings should also carry over.

  • Palladium346 from my Discord-Server did some improvements on the Artworks of the Weapon-Get-Screen. Thank you VERY much for that.
  • Removed a glitch where entering the containment field right when Wily Machine 2 died could remove your ability to jump.
  • Removed two instances where backtracking on Fireman’s Path in the Castle could lock off his route.
  • Backtracking in Roll’s second castle stage could make the Mini-Devils glitch. This should not happen anymore.
  • Fixed some spots where entering a gate in a certain way while being carried by beat could get you stuck in the floor. Nobody except Butz should be doing something like this to begin with, but it’s fixed regardless.

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